When Do You Need a Lawyer?

When do you need a lawyer

While you are never required by law to acquire an attorney (lawyer), it is highly recommended whenever dealing with the court system, lawsuits, or when unsure of state or federal law. Legislation is constantly evolving and changing every category of law, which can leave unwary individuals susceptible to either criminal or civil liability. Put simply, most life-altering decisions or occurrences are regulated by law, and while you may be eager to save money, you should never wait to hire an attorney. If you wait, it could cost you much more than finances.

How to choose your lawyer

When choosing your attorney, you'll want to ensure their areas of practice align with your legal needs. There are many categories within the law. Before retaining an attorney, remember to verify that they practice within the area of law relevant to your legal situations. It should be as simple as a phone call or visiting their website.

At Welton Law Firm, our attorneys specialize as General Practitioners, meaning we focus on a large variety of law. You can schedule an appointment with us or see our Areas of Practice and let us fulfill your legal needs today.