What is Mediation?

Mediation refers to the involvement of a neutral third-party to facilitate a deal between the involved individuals/parties. The purpose of involving a mediator to prevent expensive or unnecessary attorney fees involved through drawn out litigations. There is, however, no guarantee that the mediation process will produce a deal, as the process is meant to help the involved parties come to their own decisions for a deal.

Do You Need a Mediator?

While there is no guaranteed deal as a result of mediation, the parties will save a significant amount of expenses in fees through the process of litigation and trial. Any individual or party considering the litigation process can benefit from the involvement of a mediator. They are most useful, however, for cases in which the separate parties are unlikely or unwilling to come to reach a settlement. The mediator will work at assisting each side in understanding both perspectives in the case. The cases most commonly involving a mediator include contract disputes, injury and tort cases, wrongful termination claims, family law matters, etc. 

Let Us Help

Our attorneys at Welton Law Firm have decades of experience mediating. Let us help you and the other involved individuals come to a conclusion and save you from the expensive costs of a drawn out case.