Our History

The Welton Law Firm was started at the prompting of Gill Powell, Don Welton and, most importantly, the leading of the Holy Spirit.  The founder of Welton Law Firm, LLC., Mark Welton, began practicing law in 1993 (pre-bar) after graduating from the Regent University School of Law.  We started with the purpose of never advertising but taking the position that the Lord would send the clients he wanted us to represent.  In fact, one client let us know they had called to set an appointment because she had seen our "billboard" and called the number.  She was surprised to know we have never had a billboard.

In 1998, Welton Law Firm bought Okaloosa Investment Enterprises, Inc. from 13 local men that had the company as their investment company.  The 13 men agreed to allow Mark Welton to pay them over time for the shares, and the result would be that we would own the entity that had the land where we would build the new office.  These men were instrumental in providing advice and counsel, and sometimes scolding, when the young lawyer needed to be reminded of the importance of small town legal practice.  Men like Don Welton, Gillis Powell, Jr., Madison Newton Carroll, A.B. Galloway, Keith Brace, John King, Ray McKinney, and J.V. Wooley were instrumental in the formation of the young firm and the building of what is now the Madison Building.  

Gillis Powell encouraged a young man to chase his dreams and go to law school, then to branch out on his own and start a law practice.  Don Welton, that young man's father, challenged him to do it without advertising, trusting the Lord for each new client.  Madison Carroll participated by coming to the new lawyer as his first client.  Each man had a unique and special part directed by God, to counsel, direct and encourage culminating in Welton Law Firm.  

The land was used to build the 4,500 square foot office that is now the home of Welton Law Firm, Kerrigan Estes, Ranking & McLeaod and Jean Lehnert.  

Gill Powell sat across his desk from Mark Welton in 1989 and said, "You need to go to law school, and before you know it, you will have been practicing law for more than twenty years, and will wonder where the time has gone."  Over the last 25 years words of wisdom from godly men and women have been the reason we have continued.  We have fought for and represented thousands of clients in both Alabama and Florida, with a steadfast determination that all we accomplish must be for the purpose of glorifying God.  We are human, and we have had our failures, but the underlying purpose remains resolute.



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