Gun Trusts

Whether it's your lifelong collection or you're first and only purchase, we want to help you maintain your ownership for not just years, but generations.


  • Eased restriction on future firearm transfers.
  • Protection and inclusion for multiple generations.
  • Firearm use and possession extends to more than one person.
  • Avoid transfer fees.
  • Avoid probate and legal issues for estate executor.
  • Avoid restrictions upon death or incapacitation of owner.
  • Protection from loss due to nursing home qualifications.

The National Firearms Act (NFA) requires that owners certain weapons and accessories defined as NFA Title II Firearms  (machine guns, grenades, silencers, etc.) follow specific and drawn-out procedures. The complications that arise with these NFA items are often with the handling, purchasing, or ownership. For example, if the owner of an NFA item dies (without a gun trust established), no one owns that item. The widow of the deceased could face ten years in federal prison if she unintentionally came into possession of that NFA item while perhaps going through the belongings of the deceased owner without following appropriate probate procedures.

To better protect yourself from these issues, a gun trust may be exactly what you need. It will help you operate within the law while purchasing, holding, or using firearms that are restricted by the NFA. A gun trust can even be used for non-NFA firearms for asset protection and to avoid probate. Forming your gun trust is an affordable process, however, it must be in accordance with both federal and state law, so we strongly recommend trusting Welton Law Firm to assist you in forming yours. Contact us today and let us help you preserve your second amendment!