Criminal Law

What is Criminal Law

Described simply, criminal law refers to the system of legal rules and regulations set in place to maintain public safety. These specific rules are established by the penal codes enacted by legislation at the federal, state, and local level. Violating these rules result in consequences (set in the penal codes) including fines and incarceration. The severity of the punishment will be determined by the alleged committed crime, to be categorized as a misdemeanor or felony.


A misdemeanor, quite directly, is classified as a less serious crime. A common example would be petty theft, a first offense DUI, or possession of small amounts of controlled substance. The resulting punishments are typically a maximum of one year in county jail.


A felony, on the other hand, is a crime considered to be more serious. Examples would include: murder, burglary, embezzlement, etc. The penalties are correspondingly severe. Being convicted of a felony can yield substantial fines and decades in prison.

How we can help you

The legal system is complex and at times controversial. Many safeguards have been established to protect your rights from being impeded and harassed by both government and other citizens. However, often times, these safeguards are ignored or bypassed. This is where our attorneys can help. At Welton Law Firm, we are committed to protecting our clients from unfair and unjust rulings. With our experience, we can guarantee you'll be in good hands through the entire process.